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SAN Year 12 (July 1, 2022- June 30, 2023)

Statement of Work and Call for Participation


SAN 2023-2024 Statement of Work coming soon!

Who is the State Authorization Network, "SAN"?

Since 2011, SAN has been the leader for guidance and support for navigating regulatory compliance for out-of-state activities of post-secondary institutions.

What is a Statement of Work?

The Statement of Work is a description of SAN's focus areas and projects we plan to undertake to meet the needs of members in the upcoming academic year. The Statement of Work also reinforces the benefits for SAN members, that SAN strives to provide.

Membership - Individual & Groups

View the current list of SAN institution and agency members.

SAN Membership fee is discounted if at least one institution or entity within the SAN individual or SAN group membership has separately joined WCET, SAN's parent organization. See option charts below.

  • Coordinators are responsible for sharing information with the other institutions/organizations within their membership.
  • Coordinators are responsible for sharing the SAN website login with institution contacts.
  • Memberships held by more than one institution must designate a single point of contact for the invoice; management of the division of the payment will be the responsibility of the institutions involved.

SAN Annual Fee with WCET Membership 

Organizations, State Agencies or Portal Entities (office only) 1 Coordinator $3,000
1 Institution 2 Coordinators $4,000
2-15 Institutions 2 Coordinators $6,000
16-30 Institutions 3 Coordinators $8,000
31+ institutions will be addressed on case-by-case basis. Please communicate with the SAN Senior Director.  


SAN Annual Fee with No WCET Membership

Organizations, State Agencies or Portal Entities (office only) 1 Coordinator $3,500
1 Institution 2 Coordinators $5,000
2-15 Institutions 2 Coordinators $7,000
16-30 Institutions 3 Coordinators $9,000
31+ institutions will be addressed on case-by-case basis. Please communicate with the SAN Senior Director.  

*Organizations, State Agencies or Portal Entities may choose from the larger memberships if they wish to include institutions.

Renewals for SAN 2023-2024

Renewals - For SAN 2023-2024 (July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024)

  • Step 1:  Coordinators will consult with all member institutions/organizations to update contact information and institutions/organizations that are part of your membership.
  • Step 2:  If there are changes, ONE COORDINATOR will advise Leigha Fletcher, by May 15, 2023.
  • Step 3:  If there are no changes, the membership automatically will be renewed and the invoice sent on May 15, 2023.
  • Deadline for changes:  May 15, 2023, with payment due by July 1, 2024.
  • Membership Coordinator may request an early invoice to submit in this fiscal year by contacting Leigha Fletcher, by April 15, 2023.

New Memberships - Please see the Join SAN information on the Membership page.

Activities and Benefits for Year 12 (July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023):

SAN Coordinators 

  • Each SAN membership appoints one to three SAN Coordinators, depending on the number of institutions within the membership, to manage the membership. Our members may be organizations, state systems, consortiums of colleges, or individual institutions.
  • SAN Coordinators must supply contact information about the institutions or entities that are part of their membership including: institution/entity name, contact person with email, FTE range, WCET membership status, and SARA participation status.
  • Coordinators are expected to share SAN member information with institutions/entities within their membership.

Activities reserved solely for the SAN Coordinators:

  • Monthly Calls. Compliance and membership updates and guests sharing timely information.
  • SAN Coordinators' Community in wcetMIX. An email distribution tool providing announcements and information.
  • Annual Coordinators' Meeting. A virtual or in-person meeting with special guests and resources.
  • Website Access. Coordinators will receive a personal login to the password protected SAN website which can be shared with institution/entity contacts within their membership.

Benefits for all staff members at SAN /participating institutions/entity. Everyone employed by a SAN participant (including coordinators) may take part in the activities listed below. If the SAN member is an institution/entity, all employees of the institution/entity may participate. If the SAN member is a state system or consortium of institutions, employees of the institutions/entities, designated by the coordinators of the membership, are eligible to participate.

  • SAN Website. Includes public facing and member-only content.  New and updated content regularly added.
  • Open Forum. Monthly 30-minute opportunity for all members to discuss the topic of the month and engage in Q&A.
  •  eNewsletter.  Monthly summary and updates of news, resources, and events.
  • General Disclosure. A SAN podcast featuring voices and perspectives of practitioners across the field.
  • SAN Network Community in wcetMIX. A member discussion board and avenue for member alerts.
  • Compliance Training. SAN provides compliance training in a variety of ways, including:             
    • Webcasts, seminars, & small constituency group events - Offer advice and information for both new and experienced compliance officers and other key stakeholders at the institution.
    • Collaborative meetings and webinars with partners such as NC-SARA and NASASPS.
    • Annual workshops including “State Authorization Basics” and “State Authorization Advanced topics” offer in-depth compliance analysis and interactive training. SAN members may participate at a reduced cost.
  • Reciprocity Support. Updates on the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA) including steps that institutions can take to manage participation in SARA and stay apprised of prospective policy changes.
  • Examine State Requirements.  Examine state requirements outside of reciprocity policy.
  • Emerging Federal Regulations. Track the state authorization regulations under the Departments of Education, Veterans Affairs and Defense, in addition to other related regulations. SAN will inform members as to how they can provide input
  • SAN Advisory Group. Panel of SAN members who make recommendations on programmatic issues of interest to the membership at-large.
  • Special Interest Teams.  Small working groups perform research and provide deliverables on issue areas which benefit the network.

Focus Areas. SAN will provide research and training on issues identified by members

Focus Areas. SAN will share information, provide research, and develop training on the following issues that members identified:

  • Develop an on-demand, asynchronous tool to replace the “Newcomers Experience”, SAN’s introduction to compliance concepts and website resources.
  • Design a semi-synchronous 4–6-week virtual, cohort-based “Basics of Out-of-State Activity Compliance Course” 
  • Publish a set of topical one-page digests 
  • Generate new resource webpages and charts addressing:
    • Catastrophic event planning
    • Employment law (Secretary of State, Department of Labor and/or Taxation)
    • Professional license state agency contact information
    • Digital sales tax/value added taxes
  • International compliance support:          
    • Provide regulatory direction in Canada and Mexico.
    • Develop a practical guide for international compliance.
  • Analysis of new and existing Federal & State laws and regulations adjacent to out-of-state activity approval:
    • Web accessibility/ADA
    • Accreditation issues – including measures of quality for purposes of participation in reciprocity.
  • Launch of an additional Special Interest Team to address an emerging issue.
  • Provide an “Advanced Topics Workshop” focused on succession planning and effective practices.
  • Create additional in-person and virtual peer to peer interactions addressing shared compliance concerns, sector specific conversations and other general peer support opportunities.
  • Release the analysis of an updated survey profiling the role of an out-of-state activity compliance professional.
  • Provide support for institutions that seek institutional compliance state by state.

Questions and Contact Information


SAN website:

WCET blog with updates and recommendations:

wcetMIX for discussion board and email lists:


SAN Team

Cheryl Dowd - Senior Director, Policy Innovations;; (303)541-0210

Jana Walser-Smith, Director, Interstate Compliance and SAN Member Outreach;; (303)541-0289

Kathryn Kerensky – Director, Digital Learning Policy & Compliance; ; (303)541-0290

Leigha Fletcher - Administrative Assistant;; (303)541-0211