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Welcome to the State Authorization Network (SAN).

We are pleased that you will be part of the State Authorization Network (SAN). The following survey should only take a few minutes but will provide the necessary information for communication and interaction that makes being a member of SAN beneficial to your institution or organization. Please note that benefits extend to everyone within your institution/organization. Membership Benefits and Fee Details Here!

If you have any questions about the membership form, contact We look forward to having you as part of the network!

Upon approval of your request to join, payment is expected within 30 days of receiving your membership invoice.


SAN Membership Types – Coordinators are the managers of the membership, see description of coordinator below.

Organization, State Agencies or State Portal Entities* (Office Only)

1 Coordinator

1 Institution

2 Coordinators

2 - 15 Institutions

2 Coordinators

16+ Institutions

3 Coordinators


Name of the Membership (institution, system, organization, or group name)

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Please provide the requested information for institutions/organizations that are part of this membership.

If your SAN membership is a group membership with 5 or fewer institutions/organizations, please complete the fields below.  If your membership is a group membership of more than 5 institutions/organizations, please provide the contact information on this (spreadsheet) and send the completed file by email to Leigha Fletcher at
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Coordinator Information 

SAN Coordinator Description

  • Each SAN membership appoints one to three SAN Coordinators, depending on the number of institutions/organizations within the membership, to manage the membership. Our members may be organizations, state systems, consortiums of colleges, or individual institutions.
  • SAN Coordinators must supply contact information about the institutions or organizations that are part of their membership including: institution/organization name, contact person with email, FTE range, WCET membership status, and SARA participation status as is applicable.
  • Coordinators are expected to share SAN member information with institutions/organizations within their membership.
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