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How to Join?

Beyond the Deadline?       Contact us about the possibility of a partial year membership!

Please note that at least one institution/organization within the membership must be a member of WCET.

Renewals?  Please review the information on Statement of Work webpage.

Any questions about the application, please contact Cheryl Dowd at or (303)541-0210 or Leigha Fletcher at or (303)541-0211.

Current SAN Participants


SAN Benefits at a Glance:

Coordinators for each membership:

Additional Interactions for the coordinators who manage the SAN Memberships:

  • SAN Coordinator Annual Meeting (Virtual for SAN 11) – Yearly update/feedback session.
  • SAN Monthly Coordinator conference calls.


All SAN institution/agency staff:

Resources, Research, and Support:

  • Password-protected website- library of resources including SAN created research and external resources.
  • Members-Only digital community provides timely updates on emerging issues and member discussions.
  • SAN Monthly eNewsletter
  • Advocacy
  • Responsive SAN staff members

Events & Training: (SAN events will all be virtual for SAN 11)

  • SAN Newcomers Experience – professionals who join SAN can complete the guided journey through the SAN website, answer challenge questions, and earn a badge.
  • Open Forum – Monthly Themed virtual Q & A sessions with experts.
  • General Disclosure - The SAN monthly podcast:  30 minute podcasts featuring a different expert each month and focusing on the human side of state authorization compliance. 
  • Virtual Seminars – asynchronous themed sessions open to the membership.
  • Workshops- training at highly discounted rate for SAN institutions (Basics & Advanced Topics).
  • NASASPS (state regulator) Conference with SAN Institutions (spring) – member fee and SAN only sessions.

Member Interaction:

  • SAN Advisory Group – member representatives to advise on the issues and interests of the SAN members.
  • Special Interest Teams (SIT) - Small member led workgroups created to discuss and research identified topics to prepare deliverables on the topic to the network. Current SIT topics include:  Institutional Engagement and Professional Licensure Research & Disclosures.
  • SANsational Annual Awards for member development of high-quality compliance solutions.
  • Professional Development – member presentations on webcasts, monthly calls, face to face meetings.
  • A network of peers from across the country working on the same issues.
Membership Fee Structure

Memberships may be held by individual institutions, partnerships, systems, consortia, or organizations.  

  • At least one institution/organization within a membership must be a WCET member.
  • Memberships must designate a single point of contact for the invoice; management of the division of the payment will be the responsibility of the institutions involved.
  • Coordinators are responsible for sharing information with the other institutions/organizations within their membership.
  • Coordinators are responsible for sharing the SAN Website log in with institution contacts.

Member Fees