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Back to Basics Workshop 2020

New Date! September 9,10&11, 2020 | Virtual

Registration Closed moving to Virtual!

*COVID-19 Notice: 

We have decided to move from an in-person workshop, to the creation of a virtual workshop.  Please know, that a priority for all of our SAN workshops is to provide a highly interactive and personal experience for the participants.    Our in person workshops are never just lectures for participants to absorb the information.  Therefore, we expect to provide an engaging workshop for which you will be compelled to interact synchronously with the other participants, presenters, and mentors.  We normally keep our basics workshops to a maximum of 50 people.  However, this virtual workshop we will have no more than 25 people to ensure personal engagement. 

Current registrants will receive an email with directions to transfer their registration to virtual or cancel.

Event Description:

Do you manage state authorization compliance at your institution? ….OR are you in another institution office such as financial aid, registrar, faculty, institutional research, or legal counsel and required to follow new processes to adapt to state and federal regulatory requirements due to the out of state activities of the institution? Do you need help navigating the basic foundation of state authorization compliance of state regulations, federal updates, reciprocity requirements, and the seemingly endless paperwork involved? If so, the WCET/SAN State Authorization Basics Compliance Workshop may be the answer!

WCET/SAN is pleased to bring together experts in the field of state authorization to educate you on the basics of out-of-state activity regulatory compliance. This two-day workshop will provide detailed, up-to-date information designed to help your institution manage the basic complexities of state authorization. Both at the workshop and for the few months following, you will be part of a team that is advised by one of our experienced mentors.  Note:  if you have an understanding of the basics of state authorization you may wish to wait for the SAN Advanced Topics Workshop coming in Winter 2021.

 Alongside leading experts with hands-on knowledge, you will gain the expertise to:

  • Create a game plan to obtain and maintain state authorization for your unique institution;
  • Interpret federal regulations, current federal activity, state statutes, state regulations, administrative code, and reciprocity requirements regarding an institution's out of state activities;
  • Develop effective strategies to communicate key information to states and to key stakeholders at your institution;
  • Obtain, manage, and organize the data essential to the achievement of state authorization for your institution.

In addition, each participant will be grouped with a mentor. The mentor will hold group discussions at the workshop to answer more in-depth and institution specific questions. After the workshop concludes, the mentor will host two conference calls with the group over a period of three months to continue the learning experience.

Tentative Virtual Workshop Schedule: (plan for the following)

Here is our plan:

Synchronous sessions will be provided on Sept 9, 10, 11 from approximately 12-4pm Eastern Time.

  • We chose these times in order to provide synchronous activities (with breaks) within a 4 hour time frame that accommodates all time zones within a normal office hour time period.
  • We spread the time over the day you would have been traveling to the workshop as well as the two days already scheduled for the workshop.

The sessions will include a combination of synchronous presentations, synchronous mentor sessions, synchronous workgroups, 2-3 asynchronous sessions, a pre-workshop exercise, and a synchronous Q & A with all presenters to conclude the workshop.

Like our in-person workshops, we do not plan to record the workshop.  Our workshops are intended to be active participation in activities and interactions with other participants.

We will issue a 50% refund to each registered participant as we move to the virtual format.


Who Should Attend:

Professionals who manage or coordinate information for the purposes of state authorization, should attend this workshop. This workshop focuses on developing those participants who are beginners or relatively new to the role of being an authorization compliance officer or for those professionals who help implement student processes or data collection to coordinate with the compliance officer.

WCET's State Authorization Network (SAN) is based on the philosophy: "Expecting each institution to navigate authorization regulations in every state is highly inefficient. Working cooperatively, institutions can share the burden." See the SAN website for a list of WCET SAN participants.

Please note that any staff member at an institution that is a WCET SAN participant is eligible for the SAN Member rate for the workshop.

Pricing Information:

WCET SAN Member rate is $500 until July 31, 2020, and $700 thereafter. Non-WCET SAN Member rate is $1,000 until July 31, 2020 and $1,400 thereafter.  For SAN member rate enter the code:  ITDEPENDS

Workshop Location Information:

The State Authorization Basics Compliance Workshop will be held via computer.  You will want to have a working camera to join us virtually!

Price includes: group mentoring, templates for organization, presentations.


Contact Us:

For content related questions about the workshop, contact Cheryl Dowd or Dan Silverman.

View more information about the State Authorization Network.

Start Date: 09.10.2020
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