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SAN Event Types

Face to Face Events


Basics and Advanced Topics workshops are typically offered once per year.  Depending on the needs of the SAN members, an additional Basics or Advanced Topics workshop may be offered.  Workshops are intentionally limited to 40-50 participants to provide a personal interaction and attention to the creation of an actionable plan, specifically tailored for the participant to implement after the workshop.  Workshops are open to SAN members and non-members, but SAN members receive first notice and a greatly reduced registration fee.  These workshops typically sell out and sometimes it is before we advertise beyond the membership.

The Basics workshop provides the foundation for state authorization compliance.  Compliance staff may wish to invite all other institution staff members who interact with compliance management to understand the cross institutional collaboration necessary to meet all requirements and regulations for authorization, tracking, reporting, and notifications.  A key component of this workshop is the use of mentors.  Mentors are each assigned approximately 10 mentees to meet for sessions during the workshop and also by group conference call twice after the workshop to follow up on progress and to answer questions.

The Advanced Topics workshop is for those who are proficient in the basics of state authorization, but would like to address some specific topics surrounding compliance in more depth.  The specific topics may change for each workshop.  The topics reflect the current issues raised for compliance for out-of-state activities.

NASASPS Collaborative Conferences

NASASPS (state regulators conference) has been gracious in allowing SAN members to attend their conference and participate in the planning of the conference agenda.  SAN members benefit from the interaction with the regulators to understand concerns and trends in institutional authorization.  Additionally, SAN members have the opportunity to participate in a half day SAN member meeting to discuss institution focused issues.  This meeting is open to all staff at SAN member institutions and organizations.  The conference is held annually in the spring.

WCET Annual Meeting - SAN Coordinator Meetings

Each fall during the WCET Annual Meeting, SAN coordinators are invited to participate in a day long SAN meeting.  This meeting provides coordinators with the opportunity to be advised of the state of the network, participate and present on current topic areas, and provide feedback to SAN about future endeavors.  A SAN networking gathering is offered in the evening after the coordinator meeting.  

Virtual Events


To share information widely, SAN offers periodic webinars on timely issues.  These webinars are recorded and archived on the website for review by SAN members.  

Open Forum

SAN members may participate in a monthly Q & A opportunity to ask experts about compliance areas of concern.  A monthly topic is determined and members may ask the expert of the month their questions during a 30 minute session.  This is intended to be informal and is not recorded.

Coordinator Calls

SAN coordinators may participate in monthly conference calls to address membership updates, higher education issues with an impact on compliance, event announcements, and answer coordinator questions.  These coordinators calls are recorded and archived exclusively for members.

Virtual Seminars

SAN has produced two virtual seminars.  The first virtual seminars was released in March 2018 to address the convergence of State regulations, SARA requirements, and the 2016 Federal regulations with a July 1, 2018 effective date.  The seminar was exclusively available by registration for SAN members.  After a period of time, the seminar was archived and made publicly available on the SAN website.  The second was in February 2020 to address the impact of  Federal rulemaking on institutional compliance.  The seminar provides videos, resources, and exercises to develop compliance strategies for the 2019 Federal regulations that replaces the 2016 Federal regulations with the July 1, 2020 effective date.  Professional Licensure disclosures are addressed. The seminar is currently only available to SAN members. 

SAN intends to create more short videos on various topics. A complete seminar may be created in the event of another dramatic convergence of compliance management concerns.


Join us for That is the Title of our SAN Podcast Offerings!  Go to this link to gain access to our SAN podcasts! 

Our podcast mission:  General Disclosure focuses on the individual humans behind state authorization regulation. Regular features of the podcast include a conversation with a state authorization professional, a snapshot of a specific regulation, and brief commentary on musical theater. As with all SAN offerings, we want this to reflect the wishes of our members, so it is a work in progress.