Other Higher Education Issues
Professional Licensure

2019 Special Interest Teams

Data Protection and Privacy

  1. Jennifer Lewis:  University of Southern Mississippi
  2. Kenny Heard:  University of Mississippi Medical Center
  3. Kathryn Cross:  University of Louisville* - Coordinator
  4. Laurie McBride:  Salt Lake City Community College
  5. Ronald Brownie:  Northern State University
  6. Alayna Schmeider:  Penn State University
  7. Cheryl Carroll:  University of Virginia
  8. April Taylor:  University of Arkansas

Professional Licensure Research and Disclosures

  1. Emily Woods:  University of Kentucky
  2. Matt Gidley:  Northern Arizona University
  3. Lisa Siefker:  Ohio State University - Coordinator
  4. Sharyl Thompson:  HER Consulting – Advisor
  5. Leeann Fields:  UNLV
  6. Ashley Stettler:  Eastern Washington University
  7. Kimmy Green:  Franklin University
  8. Cairesse Grimes:  Mount Saint Mary’s University
  9. Marcelle Jones:  Purdue University
  10. Jacqueline Hodges, University of Alabama
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