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2022 Digital Learning Policy Preview, Part 1: U.S. Department of Education Negotiated Rulemaking

The self-proclaimed “policy nerds” at WCET and WCET/SAN began looking forward to 2022, and we started to marvel at all the policy issues for digital learning in higher education that will be in play this year. Some significant changes for online and distance learning with significant implications for student consumer protection are on the horizon.  

With that insight, we wish to give you a preview of “coming attractions” of actions that will (or may?) occur in the coming months. There have already been some unexpected plot twists,  especially regarding proposed changes to student professional licensure notifications and requirements.

Today’s post focuses on the main issues with the current U.S. Department of Education Negotiated Rulemaking process that started last week. The next post will focus on other issues (outside of rulemaking) at both the state and federal level that will be considered or pursued in 2022.

So, pop some popcorn and join us as the first feature in our twin bill begins with proposed changes to federal rules...[...]

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