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SANsational Awards

2022 SANsational Award Winners Present Promising Compliance Solutions

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Three postsecondary institutions each earned a 2022 SANsational Award for the creation of innovative processes and structures to manage state and federal regulatory compliance for out-of-state activities of the postsecondary institution.

Since 2015, the State Authorization Network (SAN), a division of WCET, has awarded SANsational Awards annually to SAN members who self-nominated their work in the development of practices, processes, and polices to manage state authorization compliance. Over these years, it has become clear that institutions are very innovative and have carefully considered processes to manage compliance that provide important consumer protections for students.

With the increased development of distance education opportunities for students, we see that compliance requirements addressing these opportunities is an ever-changing landscape. Institutions earning SANsational Awards have learned to create processes that in many cases can be adapted to changing state and federal regulatory requirements and include collaboration from institution key stakeholders. [...]

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