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SANsational Awards

Celebrating Success: The 2023 SANsational Award Winners Are Unveiled

In the realm of excellence, there are those who go above and beyond to achieve greatness. Their dedication, passion, and outstanding contributions set them apart, and it is important to honor those contributions with prestigious awards. Today, the State Authorization Network (SAN), a division of WCET – the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies, not only celebrates our peers and their successes, but we unveil the secrets that have led them to their award-winning achievements. Join us as we announce the five remarkable compliance processes that have earned our esteemed accolades.

Even as compliance processes, policies, and procedures designed to comply with state and federal laws are unique to and contingent upon an institution’s specific activities, much can be gleaned through shared knowledge between peers and professionals in the field. Thus, it is in that very spirit of sharing and collaborating that SAN’s annual SANsational Award was borne.[...]

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