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Federal Policy Surprises! Updates and a Call to Action

How many of you like surprises? Surprises can be great fun, but let’s be clear that rulemaking surprises are sometimes more like encountering the clown from IT. Not to be left out, Congress is also providing its own surprise so you may want to consider contacting your Congressional Representative and/or Senator.

What started out as a relatively nerdy fun time with popcorn and watching the rulemaking process unfold, has brought issues of alarming concern. You may recall that we shared in January that the U.S. Department of Education had begun its second Biden administration rulemaking. Despite the December 2021 announcement of the seven issues to be covered, – SURPRISE! – Professional Licensure and Reciprocity made a return appearance after the development of effective regulations that came from consensus in the 2019 negotiated rulemaking! Cue the face of shock at the lack of notice. Additionally, we learned that Congress is addressing the ability to disburse Pell Grants to students in short term programs, but with limitations including funds not being offered when courses are delivered by Distance Education.[...]

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