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Licensure Research & Disclosures: Stakeholder Engagement Tips

The importance of licensure disclosures

Maintaining accurate licensure disclosures helps ensure that students know whether a program meets licensure requirements in a particular state. Sharing licensure disclosure information with students demonstrates an institution’s commitment to transparency, integrity, and student success...........

Thank you Special Interest Team!

  • Emily Woods, Distance Learning Compliance Coordinator, University of Kentucky.
  • Matthew Gidley, Graduate Program Coordinator, Northern Arizona University.
  • Lisa Siefker, State Authorization Program Manager, The Ohio State University.
  • Leeann Fields, Executive Director, Office of Educational Compliance, UNLV.
  • Ashley Stettler, Program Coordinator, Eastern Washington University.
  • Cairesse Grimes, Office of the Provost Coordinator, Mount Saint Mary’s University.
  • Jacqueline Hodges, Program Manager, University of Alabama.
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