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Professional Licensure Student Disclosures – It’s the One Month Warning, with No Time-outs Remaining

Excitement is in the air! There’s two minutes left in the game! You have the ball with no time outs left! What are you going to do? It is up to you!

We just heard the horn for the two-minute (well…one-month) warning for the state authorization and professional licensure disclosure implementation game. We are looking July 1, 2020 straight in the face and need to develop a winning strategy. If only we had a playbook and diagram! Oh wait, we do! We have the Professional Licensure Disclosures Implementation Handbook and Flowchart provided by the WCET State Authorization Network (SAN) and author Shari Miller.

New Federal Regulations effective July 1, 2020 require that institutions that participate in Title IV financial aid programs must provide general and direct disclosures to prospective and enrolled students that participate in programs that lead to professional licensure.......

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