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Reciprocity (SARA)

Public Opportunity to Participate in SARA Reciprocity Policy Modifications

A new SARA (State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements) Policy Modification Process was approved by its oversight Board last summer. This new process will offer increased transparency and public participation in the development of SARA Policy additions and revisions to manage reciprocity for state approval of institutions offering distance education and select in-person activities across state lines.

We spoke with three members of the team that created the policy modification process.  Each of these members communicated that the new policy increases transparency and engagement with everyone touched by reciprocity through SARA. In this post, we enthusiastically share this new process, its structure, and some specific directions for the public to be involved in the process.

Three Things You Need to Know Today:

  1. Reciprocity provides consistent student consumer protections for interstate distance education in all states that are members to the reciprocity agreement known as SARA.
  2. Public opportunity to participate in SARA policy modifications is through submission of proposals to modify policy and by providing public comment to the submitted proposals.
  3. Those interested in participation should carefully review and follow process steps and designated deadlines as found on the NC-SARA website:  Overview of the SARA Policy Modification Process and 2023 Calendar. [...]
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