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Federal Regulations

SAN and UPCEA Webinar - The Federal Rulemaking Process

Webinar from September 29, 2021.


Learn how to follow the upcoming negotiated rulemaking process and how to keep colleagues informed about the negotiated rulemaking meetings and the possible outcomes for the development of new Federal regulations. (Newest Negotiated Rulemaking Committee Meetings begins October 4, 2021 - Negotiated Rulemaking for Higher Education 2021-22)

This webinar is a collaboration between the WCET/State Authorization Network (SAN) and UPCEA.


  • Cheryl Dowd; Senior Director, Policy Innovations, WCET/SAN


  • Ricky LaFosse; Compliance and Policy Lead, University of Michigan


  • Russ Poulin; Executive Director, WCET and Vice President for Technology-Enhanced Education, WICHE
  • David Schejbal; President, Excelsior College