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SAN Virtual Seminar 2020

HEA & Federal Rulemaking: The Impact on Institutional Compliance

WCET/SAN is pleased to provide this SAN Virtual Seminar with presentations by experts in the field of State Authorization and Education Law to discuss and help institutions understand what has taken place in Congress and with the U.S. Department of Education’s 2019 Rulemaking. Each video addresses a different topic. Practical advice, guidance, and exercises for your institution are provided for the purpose of strategy building for compliance with the Federal Regulations released on Nov 1, 2019 with the effective date of July 1, 2020.

The Virtual Seminar includes 7 videos.  Four of the videos also offer related documents and exercises that you may wish to use at your institution to help prepare compliance strategies.  Thank you very much to our presenters and to Spot Content Studio!

You may find the entire list of videos on a YouTube PLAYLIST or by individual video listed below:

Video #1: Impact of HEA & Role of the Court Related to Federal Regs.

Aaron Lacy, Partner; Thompson Coburn, LLP;  ALacey@thompsoncoburn.com

Video #2:  Negotiated Rulemaking and Proposed Regulations

Van Davis, Consultant, Fogham Consulting,LLC;

Video #3:  State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement - 34 CFR 600.2

Cheryl Dowd, Director, WCET/State Authorization Network (SAN);

     Resources related to Video #3

Video #4:  State Authorization Federal Regulation 34 CFR 600.9(c)

Russ Poulin, Executive Director, WCET;;

Dan Silverman, Assistant Director, WCET/State Authorization  Network (SAN);;

     Resources related to Video #4

Video #5:  Notifications & Disclosures 34 CFR 668.50(removal) & 34 CFR 668.43

Caitlyn Shelby, Associate, Cooley, LLP;

Cheryl Dowd, Director, WCET/State Authorization Network (SAN);

     Resources related to Video #5

Video #6: Individual State Compliance

Heather DeLange, Academic Policy Officer, Colorado Department of Higher Education;

Video #7:  State Authorization and the Administrator

Rita Gulstad, Provost, Central Methodist University;

     Resources related to Video #7


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