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State Approval: Running in Two Directions

March 3, 2011 - Birth of the State Authorization Network!

As of today, there are 119 days remaining until July 1, when the ‘state authorization’ regulation takes effect.  With less than four months to go, we are forced to split our attention in two directions.

The first direction is “advocacy.”  We are working with many higher education organizations to advocate either a rescission of the regulation or a two-year delay in its implementation.

The second direction is “compliance.”  If we are not successful in our efforts to alter the course of this regulation, institutions will need to be approved or to have applied to all the states that require them to do so by July 1.  We must keep busy on this front.

It’s difficult to give clear direction to institutions asking about what they should be doing.  Some are tempted to wait because they are sure that a change will come.  I’m hopeful.  Although, everyone’s tolerance for risk is different.  Regardless of where you are, here are important updates on both directions. […]

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