Compliance Requirements (NonSARA)
Getting Started

State Institutional Approval Quick Chart

Institutions must comply with state requirements in states where their students are located.  State institutional compliance may be obtained by individual state by state compliance or for many distance education activities, by participation in reciprocity through the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA).

Institutions that do not participate in reciprocity or are located in a state or territory that is not a member of SARA must review and comply with any state requirements where their students are located while participating in an online course or field experience.

This downloadable chart provides a start to the institutional research by offering a snapshot of contacts for the state higher education agencies and notes about the status of oversight of online courses in each state.

Please note the following:

• These determinations were made based on basic research of agency websites and regulation/statutes shared by the agency.
• Please note the date stamp for timeliness of the information. We will revise periodically.
• The quick chart was developed to provide swift direction for information to review state institutional approval requirements.
• The quick chart should not be considered to be or used as legal advice.
• Institutions should review requirements to determine applicability to the activities of the institution.
• Find more detailed information for each state, please review The State Authorization Guide.