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WCET/SAN 10th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the first SAN Meeting!

On April 6, 2011, the first meeting of the State Authorization Network took place in Boulder, Colorado.  Approximately 50 people attended that first meeting. This group was developed by WCET's then Deputy Director, Russ Poulin, in response to the release of a final Federal Regulation 34 CFR 600.9(c) for state authorization of distance education.  Fast forward 10 years and SAN is now a dynamic group of 800+ institutions and agencies nationwide who together learn of new and changing regulations, share SAN developed resources, collaborate on best practices for compliance, and continue to train new staff members on the many nuances of out-of-state activity compliance.

Celebrating with a virtual party, special podcast, and WCET Frontiers Post!

Origins of the State Authorization Network: We Missed the Bus, But Caught the Spirit; Russ Poulin, Shirley Adams, Marianne Boeke, Lanna Dueck; WCET Frontiers; April 6, 2021.

General Disclosure Special Birthday Podcast; Russ Poulin and Megan Raymond

Virtual SAN Party!; April 13, 2021 -

Contests, Prizes, Special Guests:  Russ Poulin, Mike Goldstein, Sharyl Thompson, Jeannie Yockey-Fine, Marshall Hill, Alan Contreras  view the recording of the party here:

Special Birthday Video Greetings!

See the birthday recordings from our friends at DigiTex and Bryan College of Health Sciences!

Team Trivia Contest!  SAN Birthday Bash Trivia Contest Questions

Winner:  Team 5

It Depends Build the Acronym Contest!

Winners:  Sara Cowall, Granite State College and Team from Bryan College of Health Sciences: Deb Maeder, Lindsay Kruse, Krista Croghan, and Kristy Plander.

It depends submissions 1

It depends submissions 2

Haiku describing It Depends