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Tracking Students: Planning, Compliance, and Data Reporting

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In this webinar, staff from WCET/State Authorization Network (SAN) and NC-SARA will discuss federal, state, and SARA requirements for tracking student location while participating in institution activities (ex. online courses & experiential learning). Additionally, representatives from three institutions will share their methods and tools for tracking students for the purposes of institutional planning, compliance, and data reporting, focusing on strategies for tracking military students and experiential learning placements. This webinar will complement sessions planned for the SAN Advanced Topics Workshop in March. 


You will wish to note the following Federal Regulation that addresses student location:
34 CFR §600.9   State authorization.

(c)(2)(i) For purposes of this section, an institution must make a determination, in accordance with the institution's policies or procedures, regarding the State in which a student is located, which must be applied consistently to all students.

(ii) The institution must, upon request, provide the Secretary with written documentation of its determination of a student's location, including the basis for such determination.

(iii) An institution must make a determination regarding the State in which a student is located at the time of the student's initial enrollment in an educational program and, if applicable, upon formal receipt of information from the student, in accordance with the institution's procedures, that the student's location has changed to another State.



Start Date: 02.04.2021
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